What the Festival 2016


We are so excited to be featured as visual artists at What the Festival this year. We’ve been to a lot of festivals all over the United States but this will be the first where we will be contributing to the experience with our art. We’ve been working hard expanding our growing collection of laser cut mandalas for our first ever showcase titled: Inner Space.

Inner Space reflects the beauty and intricacies of geometry in nature. It started with a deep fascination of patterns and forms found in the most microscopic corners of our world along with those found in the far reaches of space. This balance and congruity between micro and macro is what drives our designs. Whether it’s the beautiful pentagonal orbit of Venus/Earth or the irregular patterns within plant cells, this project brings those designs to life through intricate mandalas that aim to bring the viewer in for a closer look.

We can’t wait for you to see all of our finished work. Make sure to head to What the Festival to grab tickets before they sell out. We are just one of dozens of artists and creators who are curating an amazing expanse of interactive art and adventures at one of the most unique festivals you will ever experience!

venus large