Hey everyone! It’s been too long since our last update! We just added a sustainability section to our website. Those who know us personally understand the level of dedication we’ve had towards makingĀ more sustainable choices, ie: purchasing less food packaged in plastic, using pyrex and mason jars to store food and drinks, buying biodegradable toothbrushes, making our own laundry detergent, using reusable nylon bags for groceries and produce, etc. All of these changes have been challenging but we believe that it should be the new norm and hope to inspire others to join us in the endeavor.

We’ve incorporated these beliefs and practices into our business model at Thirty Circles and plan on launching a website dedicated to helping others follow in our steps to reduce waste and start incorporating mindful, sustainable choices in life. Stay tuned for the launch of our blog dedicated to thisĀ and make sure to check our Facebook to stay up to date on all of our upcoming news!

plastic bottles